Onsala 20 m telescope

​The 20 m diameter, radome enclosed, millimetre wave telescope in Onsala is equipped with receivers for frequencies up to 116 GHz. It is used for observations of millimetre wave emission from molecules in comets, circumstellar envelopes, and the interstellar medium in the Galaxy and in extragalactic objects. It is also used for astronomical VLBI observations of star forming regions, radio stars, and active galactic nuclei, and for geodetic VLBI observations to study e.g. crustal dynamics and polar motion. The telescope itself was built in 1975-76 and upgraded in 1992. The radome was replaced in 2014. Front-ends and back-ends are updated regularly.

Proposals for observing time are accepted from scientists from all countries.

Scientific publications containing Onsala 20 m data

In scientific publications containing Onsala 20 m telescope data please:

  • ​Add the following sentence to the acknowledgement: "XXXX acknowledges support from Onsala Space Observatory for  the  provisioning of its facilities/observational support. The Onsala Space Observatory national research infrastrcuture is funded through Swedish Research Council grant No 2017-00648."
  • Give the project ID for the observations.
  • When applicable, give proper references to papers about the receiver(s).

Use the following references to instrumentation papers:



Contact person

Henrik Olofsson
Email: henrik.olofsson@chalmers.se, Phone: +46 31-772 5564

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