​Onsala's Twin Telescopes 
​Chalmers/Onsala Space Observatory/Oscar Mattsson

High praise and increased funding from the Swedish Research Council

In an evaluation from Vetenskapsrådets (the Swedish Research Council)  the Onsala Space Observatory (OSO) national infrastructure received the top grade of “Outstanding” for its science impact. 
In the evaluation VR highlighted the international and national collaborations at OSO, as well as the international standing of the researchers at OSO. They highlight also the work done at OSO concerning technical development and collaborations with industry. 
Other topics examined were “socio-economic impact”, “implementation, leadership and organisation” and “e-infrastructure”. Overall OSO received a grade of  “Excellent”, which translates to 6 out of a possible 7.
At a meeting of VR’s council for research infrastructure (RFI) on 4 December, in response to the very positive evaluation, it was decided to increase VR’s funding to  OSO by 12 %, from 29 million SEK in 2017, to 32,5 million SEK per year for 2018-2021.

Published: Thu 14 Dec 2017. Modified: Mon 22 Jan 2018