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John Conway
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5503

Deputy director

Eva Wirström
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5520, +46 31-772 6424

​Press contact

Robert Cumming, astronomer and information officer
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5500, Mobile: +46 70-493 3114


Jonas Heiker, head of administration at Department of Space, Earth and Environment
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 2576
Katarina Norheim (economy)
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5510
Pia Johansson (administration)
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5501


Onsala telescopes support
Michael Lindqvist
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5508
ARC node and astronomy support
Michael Lindqvist
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5508
Maria Carmen Toribio Perez (ARC node)
Email: , Phone: +46 31-772 5557
Geoscience support
Rüdiger Haas
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5530
APEX project scientist
Per Bergman
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5569
Magnus Thomasson
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5534, +46 31-772 8587​
Group for advanded receiver development (GARD)
Victor Belitsky
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 1893
Electronics laboratory
Lars Pettersson
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5568
Mechanical workshop
Lars Wennerbäck
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5585
Computers and networks
Roger Hammargren
Email:, Phone: +46 31-772 5551

Steering committee

Kjell Möller, chairman
Gunilla Borgefors, Uppsala University 
Christian Forssén, Chalmers University of Technology
Claes Fransson, Stockholm University
Carole Mundell, Liverpool John Moores University
Björn Ragnvald Pettersen, Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Merja Tornikoski, Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory

In addition, John Conway, director of Onsala Space Observatory, and Eva Wirström, deputy director of Onsala Space Observatory, participates in the Steering Committee meetings. Eva also acts as Committee secretary.

​Time Allocation Committee

The Time Allocation Committee (TAC) handles proposals for observing time on the Onsala 20 m telescope (single-dish), Swedish APEX time, and the Onsala LOFAR station (stand-alone).

Sofia Ramstedt, Uppsala University
Jes Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen
Bengt Larsson, Stockholm University (chairman)
Sebastien Muller, Chalmers
Jouni Kainulainen, Chalmers

Secretary is Magnus Thomasson, Onsala Space Observatory (email:, phone: +46 31-772 5534)

Published: Tue 05 Nov 2019.