​Jörgen Stenarson and Anna Malmros in the Kollberg Laboratory

Mission and implementation

The aim of the Kollberg Laboratory is to extend the use of microwave technology, millimetre wave technology and terahertz technology. With unique instrumentations and competence, the Kollberg Laboratory attracts a wide range of users.

The Kollberg Laboratory's mission is to:

  • constitute an internationally attractive node for research from the microwave to the terahertz freqeuency range
  • create an open meeting place for collaboration between users from academia, institutes and industry
  • enable high quality and impact in research, teaching and collaboration
  • work for excellence in measurement methodology and measuring skills
  • Actively search and welcome new ideas with potential to lead to an innovative and groundbreaking development of the research area
The implementation consists of improving measurement performance, speed and quality by building setups dedicated to common measurement needs. 

Page manager Published: Fri 06 Nov 2020.