Image of the Chalmers Power Central

The Chalmers Power Central

The Chalmers Power Central (CPC) is an advanced research facility focusing on carbon capture and biomass gasification. This section outlines the ideas and the history behind the unique research facility.

A historical perspective

The story of the CPC begins in 1947 when the first boilers were built, although it was only after the oil crisis of the 1970s that the research program really took off.
“One can count publications and scientific citations, but the important thing is if someone reaps the benefit of what we do. Then it's good. Then we have succeeded”, says Professor Bo Leckner. Read more

The spirit of open collaboration at the CPC brings together researchers, industrial actors, and the public sector to contribute to a climate-neutral future.
“The research conducted here has helped Sweden to move from dependence on oil to establishing an extensive district heating sector based on biomass”, says Professor Henrik Thunman. Read more

Collaborations and utilization

E.ON, the SP Swedish Technical Research Institute, Valmet, Akademiska Hus, and Göteborg Energi: the list of external partners is long. Read here what they think about this co-operation.


Fluidized bed technology

Biomass gasification

Combustion and Carbon Capture 

Chemical-looping combustion

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