The NanoSIMS 50L in Gothenburg is the first of these instruments in Scandinavia. A nanoSIMS offers μg/g or better detection limits for most elements, essentially periodic table coverage, 50 nm imaging and depth profiling capabilities, and isotopic analyses of major and minor elements on a wide range of materials. The NanoSIMS is suitable for a wide variety of applications, for example, grain boundary analysis, characterization of stress corrosion cracking, sub-cellular drug/peptide imaging and nitrogen fixation studies in bacteria. 

Cameca NanoSIMS 50L
The CAMECA NanoSIMS 50L is a unique ion microprobe optimizing SIMS analysis performance at high lateral resolution. It is based on a coaxial optical design of the ion gun and the Secondary ion extraction, and on an original magnetic sector mass analyzer with multicollection.

A NanoSIMS 50L delivers simultaneously several key performances that can only be obtained individually with any other known instrument or technique:

  • High analysis spatial resolution (down to 50 nanometers)
  • High sensitivity (ppm in element imaging),
  • High Mass Resolution (M/dM),
  • Parallel acquisition of seven masses,
  • Fast acquisition (DC mode, not pulsed),
  • Analysis of electrically insulating samples without problem.
And thanks to recent improvements, isotope ratio reproducibility of a few tenths of permil can now be achieved.

Published: Tue 28 Jun 2016. Modified: Mon 26 Jun 2017