A lecture series focusing on exciting applications of mass spectrometry imaging carried out in the greater Gothenburg Area. The first date is January 17th at 10:an Chalmers/GU Chemistry building, Kemivägen 10.

 Friday, January the 17th :
10h00 - 10h15 : coffee/socialising/networking
10h15 - 10h20 : Andrew G. EWING, Professor of Chemistry, GU
10h20 - 10h30 : Per MALMBERG, Chalmers
    “TOF SIMS and MALDI principles”
10h30- 10h40 : Aurélien THOMEN, GU
    “nanoSIMS principles”
10h30 - 10h55 : Andrew G. EWING, GU
    “Neurobiology with the nanoSIMS”
10h55- 10h10 : Michael KURCZY, Associate Principal Scientist in AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company, Göteborg
     “A picture is worth a thousand molecules: quantitative imaging with nanoSIMS”
10h10- 11h25 : Mathias KONRAD-SCHMOLKE, Senior lecturer, Geologie Department, GU
    “Water in nominally anhydrous minerals - Why should we care”
11h25- 11h40 : Mohammad SATTARI, Researcher, Materials Microstructure, Department of Physics, Chalmers
    “NanoSIMS as a complementary technique for nano-structural characterization of materials”
11h40- 11h50 : access to the infrastructure and closure
11h50 - 12h30 : visit of the TOF SIMS and MALDI 
12h30 - 13h30 : lunch

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Published: Thu 09 Jan 2020.