Cleanroom Introduction Course

You need the "Cleanroom Introduction and Safety course" to be able to enter the cleanroom and to get access to the LIMS booking system. The registration to this course is done at the site​ which will also create your personal account in the LIMS, our web-based booking system. The account will be activated only after the actual participation of the cleanroom introduction course lecture.

The course is given the 2nd Wednesday each month during autumn and spring semester. A complementary wet bench and risk assessment training is given the 3rd Wednesday each month. The course dates are tentative and changes due to holidays/vacations can occur. Note that a course may be postponed if there are too few participants, always make a booking beforehand online via the membership application page. The courses will take place at MC2 (Kemivägen 9) in the seminar room Direktorn (D209), on both days. The courses will be given in English.

After the introduction course you should contact the lab staff for a discussion with our process specialists about your actual project in the lab at an individual start-up meeting. Both you and your supervisor should attend this “start-up meeting”.

There is a fee for the course, contact us for detailed information about the actual rate for you. After the one-day introduction course, you are also obliged to participate in the “Chemical introduction course” if you need to do any chemical work inside the lab (wet chemistry, lithography etc). You will also need a Tool License to be able to use and book those particular tools you might need for your research.

There should also be a funding project identified and registered from you that will pay the costs for your activities in the cleanroom.

Approximate time schedule is:

Cleanroom introduction course
09:00 - 12:00 Cleanroom Introduction (lecture)
13:00 - 14:30 Guided tour and safety review (cleanroom)

Chemical introduction course
09.00 - 10:00 Chemical introduction (lecture)
10.00 - 11:00 Wet bench training (cleanroom)
11:00 - 12.00 Risk assessment seminar (lecture)

Download course material:

Cleanroom Introduction Course

TO BE ANNOUNCED: Chemical Introduction Course [ppt, xx MB]

User Manual
Myfab_User_Manual-Low_Print_Quality.pdfMyfab_User_Manual-Low_Print_Quality.pdf (physical copy will be handed out during the course) [pdf, 2.7 MB]

If you have any questions:
- courses, contact Mattias Fredriksson,
- the booking system, contact Peter Modh,​
- tool licences or equipment, contact Tool Responsible​

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