Metabolomics services at CMSI include both standard untargeted profiling using both UHPLC-QTOF and GC-MS instruments. In addition, we offer a combined untargeted and targeted metabolomics method that both collects untargeted scanning data as well as targeted data on a set of metabolites, including potential biomarkers of food intake (see reference below). In general, untargeted metabolomics is used for biomarker discovery and, thus, results are expressed in relative responses rather than in absolute concentrations. For identification metabolites, we use both in-house and commercial libraries and continuously work to improve our libraries, but due to the nature of the analysis, the majority of potential metabolites still remain unknown. For work focusing on mechanisms rather than biomarker discovery, using GC-MS or GC-MS/MS may be a good alternative, as many metabolites centred around known biochemical pathways are detected and identified.

Instrument used for this service: Agilent QTOF 6550 with Infinity II UHPLC and Shimadzu TQ8030 GC-MS/MS.

Page manager Published: Sat 01 Sep 2018.