​This is a Schottky field emission gun instrument with an advanced monochromator with double Wien filters for high energy resolution EELS (20 meV measured on site). The next generation imaging filter (GIF Continuum HR) ensures high data-throughput and flexibility. The OneView camera can capture micrographs at 4k x 4k and the accompanying in-situ video software provides the possibility to record dynamic events at up to 300 fps.
The microscope is equipped with several detectors (HAADF, BF, SE, EELS, SAAF, dual EDX) enabling the collection of a wide range of data. The ultra-stable sample stage allows high-quality data collection over extended periods of time. 
The instrument can be booked here. For more information, please contact Research Engineer Stefan Gustafsson.

Instrument data:

Schottky field emission gun
Operating voltages: 40, 60, 80 and 200 kV
STEM and TEM spatial resolution: 70 pm
Energy resolution: Down to 20 meV 
Probe Cs-corrector (ASCOR)
Image Cs-corrector (CETCOR)
Precession electron diffraction 
Liquid in-situ holder
Heating in-situ holder
Cryo in-situ holder
Tomography holder 
Biasing in-situ holder
GIF Continuum HR
HAADF and BF STEM detectors
Bi-prism for off-axis electron holography 
Secondary/back-scatter electron detector
EELS and dual EDX detectors for e.g. chemical analysis
Monochromator with double Wien filters and spot-in spot-out functionality
8-segmented SAAF (segmented annular all field) detector for DPC (differential phase contrast)
16 MP OneView camera; video rates from 4k x 4k at 25 fps to 0.5k x 0.5k at 300 fps. 
In-situ software with video-buffer functionality for post-event recording

Published: Mon 26 Aug 2019.