FEI Titan 80-300

This is a field emission gun instrument with a monochromator for high energy resolution EELS (0.11 eV resolution measured on site and during day time). A high resolution energy filter 866 GIF Tridiem is mounted on the microscope. The condenser lenses have a spherical aberration corrector giving 70 pm resolution in high resolution STEM imaging and allowing high spatial resolution spectroscopy. The microscope has a bi prism for off-axis electron holography and a Lorentz lens for low magnification holography and magnetic field-free experiments. Tomography can be carried out in both TEM and STEM mode including high angle annular dark-field STEM. Holders for dynamic in-situ STM and AFM experiments and corresponding control unit from Nanofactory Instruments are available.

The instrument can be booked here. For more information, please contact Research Engineer Stefan Gustafsson.

Instrument data:

•    Operating voltages: 80, 200, 300 kV
•    Field emission gun
•    Monochromator
•    Probe Cs-corrector
•    GIF Tridiem 866
•    US1000 CCD
•    Oxford X-sight EDS
•    HAADF
•    Tomography
•    Gatan cryo holder
•    Philips heating holder​

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