Bruker D8 Discover

The D8 Discover is a new, state-of-the-art powder diffractometer from Bruker. It allows for automatic sample switching of reflection and transmission samples, and thin films. We can measure using a Cu and Mo source, and the system is equipped with a large area detector to facilitate PDF studies, fast in-situ experiments and texture analysis. 

For more information please contact Research Engineer Michal Strach. ​

Instrument data:
•      Cu and Mo tube X-ray source (switchable point and line focus)
•      Theta-Theta configuration
•      Dectris Eiger R 500K detector
•      Available optics: parallel beam Göbel mirror for Cu, focusing Göbel mirror for Mo
•      DaVinci concept for easy swapping of components
•      Eulerian cradle with xy stage for stress measurements and thin film studies
•      Sample changer for up to 90 samples
•      Motorized anti-scatter screen
•      Laser positioning system
•      TOPAS, LEPTOS, TEXTURE and EVA software for data analysis and fitting
•      In-situ cells:
            MRI HT heating/cooling cell (-150°C – 1500°C in two configurations)
            Anton Paar XRK 900 (up to 900°C and 10bar)

Page manager Published: Fri 25 Mar 2022.