FEI Versa3D LoVac DualBeam

The FEI Versa3D LoVac DualBeam integrates a field emission SEM with a FIB. The SEM unit is equipped with detectors for secondary and backscattered electron imaging. The ion column uses a Ga liquid ion metal source (LMIS) and a set of electrostatic lenses for bombarding the target material with a focused ion-beam for material removal or deposition. The instrument is also equipped with a Gas Injection System (GIS) for deposition of Pt and an Omniprobe for TEM thin foil extraction.

The versa has three different vacuum modes; high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM, to deal with different type of samples. The two latter modes facilitate imaging at pressures ranging from 0.1 to 20 torr. A wetSTEM detector makes it possible to study electron transparent wet samples. FIB imaging and milling is only permitted in the high vacuum mode, though.

For more information, please contact Research Engineer Ludvig de Knoop​ or Stefan Gustafsson.

Instrument data:

•    Ga ion source
•    Operating voltage: 500 V - 30 kV
•    Currents: 1.1 pA – 65 nA
•    Field emission gun,
•    Operating voltage: 500 V - 30 kV

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