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Since 2010, the Swedish government has given strategic research funding to Nano research at Chalmers. The Excellence Initiative Nano distributes this funding, with the goal to further strengthen the established excellence as well as to inspire new brilliant ideas. 

Traditionally, Nano at Chalmers has a strong component of basic curiosity driven research, within fields as different as DNA origami, graphene and other 2D materials, quantum optics explored in superconducting circuits and plasmonics as well as biological physics including artificial cell membranes, just to mention a few different topics. 

Under the heading Profiles, you find a searchable list of our 50+ Nano group leaders and their research interests, which form the core of Nano at Chalmers. You can meet almost all of them at our annual Community Building Activity, typically gathering more than 120 researchers. Here research highlights from Chalmers and worldwide are presented and new cross-disciplinary projects are initiated. 

Although the core of Nano research at Chalmers is curiosity driven, EI Nano supports three centers with considerable involvement from industry: The Graphene Center at Chalmers including the Vinnova Competence Center 2D-TECH, The SSF research center FoRmulaEx and the Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the EI Nano leadership​ in case you have any questions about Nano at Chalmers!


Page manager Published: Fri 04 Sep 2020.