Topological States of Matter

On 9 – 13 June, Chalmers Area of Advance Nanoscience and Nanotechnolgy welcomes you to attend the summer school on topological states of matter, at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden. An open symposium will also be arranged in conjunction to the summer school.

Topologically ordered matter has amazing properties, such as a ground state degeneracy that cannot be lifted by any local perturbations but depends on the topology of space, quasiparticle fractional statistics and fractional charges, perfect conducting edge states even in presence of magnetic impurities, topological entanglement entropy to mention a few. In particular, new science has emerged at the interface between superconducting and non-superconducting materials via the proximity effect. These advances open up tantalising possibilities in spin-electronics and quantum computing, stimulating extreme interest in the scientific community.

Welcome to Chalmers and Gothenburg,

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Mikael Fogelström
Floriana Lombardi

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