To develop the Excellence Initiative Nano, we have allocated funding to a number of activities. Our challenge is to bring together the historically separate, strong research activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology that are housed in different departments at Chalmers, and see it that we build a community that is even stronger than its constituent parts.

Initiative Seminar

We will have an Initiative seminar again (which was paused for two years because of the pandemic)
and it will take place 28-29 November, 2022. A nano focus on quantum materials​.

EI Nano Community Building 2023

The annual Community Building activity​ will take place in August/September 2023.
Join us, present your work and get the best cross-disciplinary Nano-feedback and inspiration possible at Chalmers!

Poster small talkSmallTalks [about Nanoscience]

Our seminar series SmallTalks [about Nanoscience], takes place every second Monday afternoon. The announcements will be posted as usual via the EI Nano mailing list!​

You will find all information about the SmallTalks seminars in the EI Nano calendar​

EI Nano “Lunches” with PIs and EI Directors

We have had a number of remote lunches with the EI Nano PIs in the first half of 2021. We enjoyed very
much meeting all of you and are happy about all the valuable feedback that we got from you! We would
therefore like to pick up our regular lunches again! We think that this is a nice, informal possibility to
share your/our views on the EI Nano. It seems that we will be able to have these lunches live this year!
Up to 5 PIs can register for each lunch. So please just register for one of them. It is not visible to
everyone else, who has registered but the taken times will simply disappear from the list. We will send
out a reminder to the registered persons on the same day of the lunch. Note however that the lunch is
not going to be reimbursed by EI Nano! We are looking forward to meeting you! /Janine and Christoph

Past events

Initiative seminars

2019, Light at the Nanoscale: From Molecules to Quantum Computers​
​2018, 2D materials beyond graphene
2017, Sustainable Energy
2016, Quantum Technology
2015, Nanoscience for human health​

​Community buildings

2022, Varbergs Kusthotell 
2021, on Zoom
2020, cancelled due to covid-19
2019, Stenungsbaden Yacht club​
2018, Marstrands Havshotell
2017, Stra​ndbaden​
2016, Bohusgården
2015, VANN
2014, Bohusgården​
2013, Carlstens fästning


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