A nanoscopic world of human health

This year’s initiative seminar is delving into the nanoscopic world of human health. With a focus on degenerative and infectious disease, speakers will introduce and interrogate multiple aspects of these societally important fields.

David Bolinsky - Visualizing the amazing world of molecular anatomy
We are pleased to announce that David Bolinsky, co-founder of XVIVO, producer of the acclaimed “The Inner Life of the Cell”, will be a keynote speaker at the event. His unique approach, bringing sub-cellular mechanics to life, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D animation, allows visualization of bio-nano research from a broad spectrum of sources.

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Poster session with mingle
This 2-day event will be bridged, on the afternoon of December 16th, with a poster session. Providing an ideal opportunity make new connections and showcase your work. We will also offer some of the poster presenters the opportunity to make a short oral presentation of their poster on stage.There will be a prize for the best poster.

When: December 16–17
Where: RunAn, Chalmers Student Union building, Chalmersplatsen 1, Chalmers Johanneberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Deadline for registration: November 27 (Now we extend the deadline to December 4)
Deadline for poster abstracts: November 20 (Now we extend the deadline to December 4)

The conference is open for everyone and free of charge but registration is required.

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David Bolinsky
, e.mersion studios, LLC
Björn Högberg, Karolinska Institute
Janos Vörös, ETH
Nils Lycke, Göteborg University
Peter Jönsson, Lund University
Christelle Prinz, Lund University
Stefan Geschwindner, AstraZeneca
Kaj Blennow, Göteborg University
Lars Maegdefessel, Karolinska Institute
Owe Orwar, Karolinska Institute
Caterina Minelli, NPL, UK
Elin Esbjörner, Chalmers
John Fletcher, Chalmers

The event is free of charge, but registration is required at the latest by November 27. Registered participants who do not appear at the conference may be charged 500 SEK. If you have registered but are unable to come please send an email to nano@chalmers.se at the latest by December 7.

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