Centres and Infrastructures

At Chalmers University of Technology there are a number of centres, national competence centres as well as other centres which cooperate across traditional departmental boundaries.

Centres hosted by the Excellence Initiative Nano

Bio-inspired Supramolecular Function and Design, SUPRA
SUPRA is a Linneaus Centre where researchers within chemistry, physics and life science collaborate. This project is carried out in the groups of Industrial Biotechnology, Applied Surface Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

WACQT - Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology


The vision of the Formulaex centre is to contribute fundamental knowledge required for the design of safe and efficient nanoscale drug-delivery vehicles for next generation nucleotide drugs, which function by reprogramming the genetic code of cells, rather than acting directly at the functional protein machinery as today’s drugs. The multidisciplinary approach taken involve expertise in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and pharma and the knowledge and innovation generated aim and contributing significantly to Swedish competitiveness in this segment of research and development.

Centres associated with the Excellence Initiative Nano

Competence Centre for Catalysis, KCK
KCK is a national interdisciplinary research centre which is focused on environmental catalysis and energy-related catalysis. The vision is to contribute to sustainable transport-, energy- and environmental systems by developing state-of-the-art catalytic techniques. The Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers and six member companies finance the research.

Graphene Centre at Chalmers
The graphene center encompasses several graphene-related research projects funded by the EU and domestic sources, plus the Graphene Innovation Lab as an industrial interface. Topics covered include, e.g., production and characterization, high-frequency electronics, optoelectronics, batteries, sensors, composites and modelling.


NFL - Nanofabrication Laboratory

CMAL - Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory

C3SE - Chalmers Centre for Computational Science and engineering


Published: Tue 27 Feb 2018.