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Historic investment in entrepreneurship

Chalmers University of Technology rebuilds the group and gathers strength to become world best at innovation and entrepreneurship. Chalmers are putting almost a half a billion kronor of their own funds into a new wholly owned subsidiary within Venture Creation.

Entrepreneurship in and around Chalmers has maintained a high standard for a long time. The two Chalmers incubators, Encubator and Chalmers Innovation, are ranked among the top ten university business incubators in the world. Together they have propelled such companies as super gazelle company Oxeon (2010), systems supplier Vehco and cancer vaccine company Immunicum into success.
Chalmers are now reinforcing these two complementing incubators, and simultaneously scaling up and broadening their work within entrepreneurship. This by means of consolidating Venture Creation operations at Chalmers in a new subsidiary, Chalmers Ventures, which, over a period of ten years, will be fed 300 million kronor in investment capital plus almost 150 million kronor in operating funds.

The new subsidiary form a foundation for strengthening entrepreneur spirit as a driving force throughout Chalmers. All students shall, in the long term, receive entrepreneurial experience during their education, an advantage that now primarily applies only to students at the Chalmers school of entrepreneurship. This will require greater involvement from researchers and the business community within all education. For this purpose it will be advantageous to have expertise and innovation environments gathered together more clearly.

The new company is to contribute to increasing entrepreneurship among both researchers and students at Chalmers and to building a stronger entrepreneurial culture. By means of investments, students, researchers and others will be provided with the opportunity to test their ideas and provided with access to tools, methods and capital. Venture Creation is one of Chalmers recognized international strengths and a component key to the utility of the university.

Focus is not trained on Chalmerists alone however, and the doors are left open for other innovators and entrepreneurs wishing to find a place in which to share their knowledge or find ideas. Chalmers’ close cooperation with industry and government means that the university occupies a central position for advanced knowledge and in-depth experience of Venture Creation.

Chalmers’ ownership foundation invests

The investment capital comes from Chalmers University of Technology Foundation, an ownership foundation that will invest 300 million kronor in the new subsidiary over a ten year period. By means of this long-term perspective, the Chalmers foundation will build a new foundation for new companies benefitting not only West Sweden, but innovation opportunities for all Sweden. The investment creates security for external investors wishing to become involved with Chalmers start-up companies.

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Published: Mon 09 Feb 2015. Modified: Mon 04 Sep 2017