Chalmers Industrial Technology

Chalmers has started Chalmers Industrial Technology as a foundation intended to promote more efficient use of research in commercial development initiatives. This is a self-financing entity which has been working for 30 years to make Chalmers’ full range of skills and other research resources available as a basis for commercial ventures on behalf of Swedish and foreign clients.

Chalmers Industrial Technology sell services for support in industrial development processes, which have been tested and guaranteed for their high level of knowledge. These services are intended to reflect and represent the unique knowledge and knowhow available at Chalmers. CIT has approximately 100 employees, out of which about half have a doctoral degree. Inhouse at CIT there are expert groups in the areas of Materials, Recycling, Sensor systems and Graphene.

For areas of activity where there is a permanent market base, the foundation forms dedicated companies to make more effective use of the knowledge obtained. Today CIT has subsidiaries in the areas of energy, immaterial rights (IP) as well as design- and product development.

Chalmers Industrial Technology are managing a number of centres and programs in order to utilize research and new technologies. Swedish government agencies as Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas are together with different EU-initiatives some of the stakeholders.

CIT does not publish scientific articles, but is a purely institutes support and complement the Chalmers research. 


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Phone: +46 31 772 40 00


Published: Tue 26 Oct 2010. Modified: Wed 11 May 2016