Chalmers Library

Chalmers Library is a strategic resource centre for teaching and research at Chalmers. It is essential for an active research environment to have information support and dissemination services.
The library combines a physical learning environment with a digital one. The digital library with its rich offering of electronic information resources is accessible to the entire Chalmers campus including Lindholmen campuses. At the library there are attractive reading rooms (including silent reading rooms), a studio with reading aids for handicapped people, group meeting rooms, a café and a lunchroom for students.

A public library

The library gives priority to Chalmers students, researchers, teachers and other staff. It is also a public library, open to all who need to use our collections and the combined skills offered by our librarians.
The Chalmers Library comprises three entities: the Main and Architecture Libraries at the Johanneberg campus and the Lindholmen Library at the Lindholmen campus. The latter also provides library services to the IT University.