The international science festival

The Science Festival aims to communicate science to schools and the general public in an easily accessible and stimulating way, as well as providing a meeting place for the research community. The goal is to promote a positive attitude to science and research, and to encourage higher study.

During the festival you will find everything from workshops, lectures, private shows, music, theatre, debates, exhibitions and seminars to meetings of researchers. The content spans all disciplines, from social science and the humanities to natural science and technology.

The Science Festival is divided into three branches, the public program, the school program and the specialist program. There is something for everyone during the festival.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of four main organisations behind the Science Festival.

And the theme is: MOVEMENT
Everything in and around us is moving. We are challenging mental and physical limits. We are travelling further and further into space, to new worlds. Through new technology and inventions, we are creating new versions of ourselves. Unlike any other species, we refuse to simply accept things as they are. Through movements, we fight for our rights. If there is no movement for our beliefs, we start one.
The International Science Festival aims to benefit society, and help us share knowledge and resources in new, revolutionary ways. At the event, you can explore the meeting points between technology and biology, with hackers, makers, economists, future land users, cyborgs and punks.
Through artistic imaginings, you can take a glimpse into possible futures for our planet, and for humanity.

Due to the Covid-19 virus the International Science Festival there will be a smaller version of the festival in the fall; the public programme 1-4 October and the School programme 28 September - 2 October. More information will be found on The International Science Festival Web

Project Manager for Chalmers participation the Science Festival
Anna Bergius
Phone 031-772 46 64

For ideas concering the school program
Dorotea Blank
Phone 031-772 25 55

Published: Mon 27 Apr 2020.