The International Science Festival

The Science Festival aims to communicate science to schools and the general public in an easily accessible and stimulating way, as well as providing a meeting place for the research community. The goal is to promote a positive attitude to science and research, and to encourage higher study.

During the festival you will find everything from workshops, lectures, private shows, music, theatre, debates, exhibitions and seminars to meetings of researchers. The content spans all disciplines, from social science and the humanities to natural science and technology.

The Science Festival is divided into three branches, the public program, the school program and the specialist program. There is something for everyone during the festival.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of seven main organisations behind the Science Festival.

The school program is held 12-16 April 2021
The public program is held 15-18 April 2021

Year 2021 theme is: Level Up
Since time immemorial, mankind has always been looking for the next level and striving to develop. From exploring our local area to searching for life on other planets, from primitive spears to robot-controlled drones, and from chalk to conceptual art. The idea of the world’s incompleteness keeps driving us forward, but where are we headed? Propelled by a sense of curiosity, we keep looking ahead and searching for new experiences that will expand our horizons. But how are we influencing the future? Will the civilisations of tomorrow live in harmony with the planet and all its living inhabitants? Can traditional biological awareness be replaced with artificial intelligence? Just how far can we go in purely moral terms, and what is actually possible from a practical perspective?

At the International Science Festival Gothenburg, we highlight mankind’s attempts to make progress and the Earth’s response to our curiosity. Come with us on a journey into the unknown, to the next level, where ideas about the future are formed from history, and where the undiscovered oceans of our consciousness are put to the test.

Project Manager for Chalmers participation the Science Festival
Anna Bergius
Phone 031-772 46 64

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