Graduate schools

Graduate schools are organised within a department or are common to a number of departments and are designated Chalmers Graduate Schools. All doctoral students shall belong to a Chalmers graduate school. The doctoral student can also belong to other graduate schools, e.g. national and international graduate schools.

Each Chalmers graduate school has a corresponding research programme subject and its name shall be identical to the name of the subject.

In 2012 Chalmers introduced a package of courses in the field of “Generic and Transferable Skills” to ensure that, as a doctoral student, you are well prepared for your future career. “Generic and Transferable Skills” (GTS) can be described as “personal and professional development” and is a generic name for skills which have no direct connection to a particular area of research or professional function. Doctoral students admitted after 1 September 2012 are required to gain 15 GTS credit points during their post-graduate studies.

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Tue 03 Jan 2017