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Pedagogic support for new PhD students

  • Course code: FTME175
  • Course higher education credits: 1.5
  • Course is normally given: The course is given study period 2, and study period 3.
  • Language: The course will be given in English
Learning objectives:
Having passed the course, the PhD student should be able to:
  • Manage nervosity, stage fear, and problem solving in higher education teaching.
  • Plan teaching activities.
  • Adapt teaching activities to different educational levels and background of students.
  • Show practical skills in teaching regarding the use of body-, spoken, and written language, and the structure of a teaching activity.
  • Adapt teaching activities to the use of digital tools.
  • Assess a teaching activity based on set learning outcomes.
  • Learn from mentor.
Course organisation:
The course is organised around
  • Lectures, incl. video-recorded material.
  • Presentation of an individual assignment at a seminar.
  • Oral auscultation (/review) of another course participants individual assignment in class at a seminar.
  • Auscultation (/review) report of another course participants individual assignment.
The contents of the course will be adapted to participants previous experience. Subjects covered in the course include for example management of:
  • Stage fright
  • Different audiences, cultural differences
  • Digital tools in teaching
  • Speech
  • Body language and voice
  • Feedback technique
Course requirements and credits:
Successful completion of the course requires approved performance for:
  • Planning, performing the teaching activity; and
  • Review of another's teaching activity
The course is graded: U-G. (i.e. Failed (U)-Passed (G)) and represents 1.5 HEC.
Race, P. 2019. The lecturer’s toolkit: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Learning and Teaching, 5Edn, Routledge.

Lecture handouts
Contact: Henrik Ringsberg, M2, e-mail: for further information and course registration.
More information
Contact M2 Forskarutbildning for further information and course registration.

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