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Journal club: Traffic Safety, part A

  • Course code: FTME100
  • Course higher education credits: 3.0
  • Graduate school: Machine and Vehicle Systems
  • Course is normally given: Continously
  • Language: The course will be given in English
  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): This course is free for PhD students from N5T universities
The course objective is to train the participants in critical reading and presentations of scientific papers in the area of traffic safety. This is meant to give the PhD candidates an increased awareness and introspection in their own scientific writing and presentation skills. At the same time the variety of paper topics will give the candidates a broader perspective on the topic of vehicle safety. Papers will be scrutinized regarding scientific content as well as rhetorical and linguistic aspects. The formats and purposes of different types of papers including journal papers, short communications, review papers, and conference publications will be discussed. Differences in writing styles between disciplines such as engineering, epidemiology, and various medical disciplines will be covered. Various aspects of the review process and the merit value of different publication formats will also be treated. All participants are required to participate actively in the discussions and share their own experience from presenting and writing papers as well as the feedback received from spectators to their presentations or reviewers.

The group of PhD candidates meets 10 times per year. One pre-selected scientific paper is discussed regarding the scientific content as well as its format and organization. At least one senior researcher from the Vehicle Safety Division will participate and lead the discussions. At each meeting a Chairman is appointed for the next coming meeting. The Chairman is one of the PhD candidates and has the responsibility to present the paper that is selected for the next meeting. A week before the meeting, the Chairman distributes the paper together with a short summary of the paper highlighting the main results from the paper and possible topics for discussion.

Application information
Course code:
Part A: FTME100
Part B: FTME105

More information
The course is subdivided into two steps:
  • Journal Club: Traffic Safety part A, 3 hp
  • Journal Club: Traffic Safety part B, 3 hp

Requirements for each part is active participation in minimum 12 meetings and acting as a chairman at minimum 3 of those meetings.
Mats Svensson & Marco Dozza
More information
Mats Svensson
Phone: 031 772 3645

Marco Dozza
Phone: 031 772 3621

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