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Commutative algebra

  • Course code: FMVE200
  • Course higher education credits: 7.5
  • Graduate school: Mathematics
  • Course start: 2016-08-29
  • Course end: 2016-10-21
  • Course is normally given: Period 1, even-numbered years
  • Language: The course will be given in English
In the course we demonstrate structure theorems for commutative rings with applications in algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory and complex analysis. In order to construct and study new commutative rings from known ones, we consider polynomials and compute with fractions and congruences. We introduce a theory of dimension for commutative rings and relate it to the transcendence degree of field extensions. Finally, we study Dedekind rings and, time permitting, p-adic numbers.
Per Salberger
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Per Salberger,

Published: Tue 22 Aug 2017.