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Measurement Techniques for Fluid Dynamics 5. PIV and image processing

  • Course code: FMMS064
  • Course higher education credits: 1.5
  • Graduate school: Thermo and Fluid Dynamics
  • Course is normally given:
  • Language: The course will be given in English
  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): This course is free for PhD students from N5T universities
Specialized course on measurement and sensor techniques for fluid dynamics applications. The course is given by experts with many years of active research in the field. The participants are learning theory, practical application, and uncertainty analysis which all are crucial for high-quality reliable measurements.

The course consists of five modules with 1.5 credits for each. Module 1 is compulsory and recommended for all participants, including non-experimentalists. Modules 2 - 5 are elective and recommended for those who are planning to apply the respective techniques in practice:
  1. Introduction to the Laboratory of Fluids and Thermal Sciences, laboratory rules, work and equipment safety. Design of experimental setup. Data acquisition and processing. Automation of experiments with LabView. Overview of measurement techniques for fluid dynamics, their advantages, shortcomings. General uncertainty analysis. (1.5 credits).
  2. Pressure-based measurements. Multihole pressure probes. Theory, practical application, uncertainty analysis (1.5 credits).
  3. Temperature and heat transfer measurements. IR-thermography. Theory, practical application, uncertainty analysis (1.5 credits).
  4. Hot-wire anemometry. Time-resolved turbulence measurements. Theory, practical application, uncertainty analysis (1.5 credits).
  5. PIV and image processing. Theory, practical application, uncertainty analysis (1.5 credits).

Learning outcomes
After passing the compulsory module 1, the students should acquire a general understanding of modern fluid dynamics experiments, be able to choose suitable experimental techniques, and critically analyze measurement results.

After passing the elective modules 2 - 5, the students should be able independently design experimental setup for high-quality reliable measurements, practically use measurement techniques, critically analyze measurement results, and evaluate measurement uncertainty.
Course disposition and examination

Six hours of lectures per course module. Lab demos for module 1. Eight hours of lab tutoring for each module 2 - 5. Project work for each module with a hand-in on detailed uncertainty analysis. Grading scale: P, F.

For all modules: basic knowledge of fluid dynamics equivalent to MTF053 Fluid mechanics.

For temperature / thermography module: a course on heat transfer equivalent to MTF115.
Will be provided during the course.
Valery Chernoray och Isak Jonsson
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