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Hybrid dynamical systems in vehicle and transportation engineering

  • Course code: FMMS030
  • Course higher education credits: 7.5
  • Graduate school: Machine and Vehicle Systems
  • Course is normally given:
  • Language: The course will be given in English
  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): This course is free for PhD students from N5T universities
The course was planned to run during September 2020, but it has been postponed, due to the current economic situation at Chalmers. For more information, please contact the examiner.

In this course hybrid dynamical systems (HDS) will be examined for modeling, simulation and control. The course both aims for giving a general theoretical background in HDS and applying this knowledge in specific vehicle/automotive and transport engineering problems. The application examples of Hybrid Dynamic Systems have interacting continuous time dynamics (modeled by ODEs) and discrete-event dynamics (modeled by automata). 
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  • Queiroz, M.S., Dawson, D.M., Nagarkatti, S.P., Zhang, F., Lyapunov-based control of mechanical systems, Control Engineering Series, Birkhauser, 2000.
  • Lecture notes by Prof. Claire Tomlin, Stanford University.
  • Elliott, R.J., Aggoun, L., Moore, J.B., 'Hidden Markov Models: Estimation and Control', Springer, 1997.
  • An Introduction to Hybrid Dynamical Systems, A. van der Schaft, H. Schumacher, 1999.
  • Lecture notes and Selected Literature (High impact journal articles) by Assoc. Prof. Pinar Boyraz, PhD.
Pinar Boyraz Baykas
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Pinar Boyraz Baykas Email: Phone: 031-7728236

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