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Numerical simulation of semiconductor devices

  • Course code: FMCC055
  • Course higher education credits: 7.5
  • Graduate school: Microtechnology and Nanoscience
  • Course is normally given: LP3 every two years, starting 2016
  • Language: The course will be given in English
The course consists of eight lectures that will be given once a week. Three home assignments will be distributed.

  • Introduction, Computer experiments, Calibration
  • Methods to solve the Boltzmann’s transport equation
    • Drift-Diffusion and Hydrodynamic models
    • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Drift-Diffusion: Boundary conditions and Heterostructures
  • Drift-Diffusion: Numerical methods
  • Introduction to Monte Carlo simulations
  • Monte Carlo simulations of semiconductor materials
  • Monte Carlo simulations of semiconductor devices
  • Further analyses (AC, transient, noise) and other tools
  • Summary

Approved home assignments.

Course literature
Distributed articles and copies of lecture notes.

Further reading
  • S. Selberherr, “Analysis and simulation of semiconductor devices”, Springer Verlag 1984.
  • G. F. Carey et al., “Circuit, device and process simulation: mathematical and numerical aspects”, Wiley 1996.
  • G. Baccarani, “Process and device modeling for microelectronics”, Elsevier 1993.
  • C. Jacoboni and P. Lugli, “Monte Carlo method for semiconductor device simulation”, Springer Verlag 1989.
  • “Advanced device modeling and simulation”, edt. by T. Grasser, World Scientific 2003.

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