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Experimental design

  • Course code: FKBT140
  • Course higher education credits: 7.5
  • Graduate school: Chemical Engineering
  • Course is normally given: Every year in LP1. Starts in late august every year.
  • Language: The course will be given in English
After the course you should be able to:
  • Plan experiments according to a proper and correct design plan.
  • Analyse and evaluate experimental results (statistically), according to chosen experimental design (ANOVA, regression models).
  • Control and properly use fundamentals such as hypothesis testing, degrees of freedom, ANOVA, fractional design and other design methods/techniques and so on.
  • Know the fundamentals of multivariate analysis and chemometric methods (PCA and PLS) with simple applications.

  • Statistics
  • Simple Comparative Experiments
  • Experiments of a single factor, analysis of variance.
  • Randomized blocks
  • Latin squares
  • The 2k factor design
  • Blocking and confounding
  • Two level fractional Factorial design.
  • Three level and mixed level factorial and fractional factorial design.
  • Fitting regression methods. LS method.
  • Robust parameter design
  • Experiment with random factors.
  • Nested design
  • Response surfaces, EVOP.
  • Multivariate data analysis

Written examination
Project work (report)

Application information
Application is made by sending an email to Claes Niklasson.
Douglas C. Montgomery: Design and Analysis of Experiments
Professor Claes Niklasson
More information
Professor Claes Niklasson, email:, phone: +46 31 772 30 27
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Kemivägen 4

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