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Physical metallurgy with focus on welding

  • Course code: FIMS016
  • Course higher education credits: 5.0
  • Graduate school: Materials Science
  • Course start: 2020-04-23
  • Course end: 2020-11-01
  • Course is normally given:
  • Language: The course will be given in English
  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): This course is free for PhD students from N5T universities
Define and discuss basic concepts on Phase transformations in general
Reason on the influence of underlying chemical and physical reactions on welding processes
Explain the physical metallurgy of welding in important alloys and judge weldability, phase transformations, microstructure and propertied of welds and heat affected zones.
Outline advanced weld simulations and analyse important welding- induced effects on materials and components with simplified models.
Discuss design and quality assurance of formed and welded components including typical defects, generation of internal stresses and their influence on mechanical propertie
Johan Ahlström
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