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FIMS Mechanical properties of solid polymers

  • Course code: FIMS007
  • Course higher education credits: 7.5
  • Graduate school: Materials Science
  • Course is normally given: English
  • Language: The course will be given in English
  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): This course is free for PhD students from N5T universities
Seminars will deal with the subjects of rubber elasticity and linear viscoelasticity, time-temperature equivalence and anisotropic mechanical behaviour, relaxation, creep and non-linear viscoelasticity, yielding and instability and breaking phenomena.
The course will be based on selected chapters of the book An introduction to the mechanical properties of solid polymers", 2nd ed., I.M. Ward and J. Sweeney, Wiley 2004. Course attendants are to have access to the course book from start.
Antal Boldizar, Giada Lo Re
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