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Course development for constructive alignment and professional practiice

  • Course code: FCIU065
  • Course higher education credits: 3.0
  • Course is normally given:
  • Language: The course will be given in English
The course is offered as a seminar oriented towards course design or course development with the focus on constructive alignment and professional practice. The course is delivered in English and discussions are often related to MSc och PhD levels and concerns with the medium of instruction, the student profile, assessments strategies, and learning environments. However,  the content and objective of the course also cater for the undergraduate level of courses.
CIU945 is offered to 12 participants over two study periods either in the spring or in the fall.Sessions tend to be scheduled on Fridays 8:30 - 12:30 with additional time slots for supervision and feedback. After an introductory meeting, the seminar comprises five 4-hour includes seminar during the term. Apart from the seminars and workshop activities , the course also includes individual supervision and time to work on an individual development and it will require time outside of the scheduled seminars.
Learning outcomes involve enchancing one's ability to adapt teaching and learning activities to changing conditions, exploring alternative assesment methods; increasing student responsibility and activity to enhance involvement and learning; working aktively with critical reading and writing-to-learn activities.
Given the focus on constructive alignment and a learning perspective, course content is geared towards communicating oblectives, learning activities, assignment design, assessment shemes, self and peer assessment, critical reading, writing to learn, peer learning, supervision, feedback, and teacher- teacher support Learning activities involve seminar discussions, workshop activities, pursuing a project relevant to one's practice and supervision.
Assignments include persuing one's project, articulating or interpreting the learning objectives, deigning and revising learning activities, deigning assessment schemes and criteria. The project range is wide and can involve a course; a sequence of courses; developing one's supervision strategies; developing material etc.
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Published: Tue 22 Aug 2017.