Becoming a doctoral student

We understand that if you’re aiming to become an independent researcher, you might not want to choose between your scientific call and the security of a monthly salary. And why should you?

A Chalmers doctoral position allows you to combine a career with a doctoral degree. Of course, Chalmers isn’t your typical employer – as nearly a thousand doctoral students can testify. Wherever possible we like to integrate the needs of the world with both research and study. After all, we only have one Earth.

So count on plenty of interaction with other researchers, students and industrial contacts – not least internationally. Our open and trusting approach is geared to nurture your career as well as the research. Whether you’re in one of the basic sciences or one of the Chalmers areas of advance, we’re sure your time at Chalmers will have merit wherever you go.

We believe that each doctoral student should be respected as an equal member of his or her research environment. One of the cornerstones for this respect is an adequate monthly income, which we choose to see as an investment opportunity. Firstly, it allows us to attract the best candidate to the programme (we advertise all our positions on-line). Secondly, we believe it enables our doctoral students to achieve better research – something that can do the whole world a favour.

What's in it for you?

  • Individual coaching and career support
  • Being a valid member of the team
  • Training for personal development
  • A dynamic research environment
  • A mentor programme with prominent specialists
  • 29 graduate schools to choose from
  • Experience of teaching undergraduates
  • A network expanding across various borders
  • A PhD profile attractive to industry and academia

How does it work?

Doctoral studies at Chalmers is a combination of individual research, studying on courses, and teaching. The work is carried out through well-established research groups, with a supervisor team lead by an experienced researcher. Candidates choose their own range of activities with the help of their supervisors. Chalmers’ research groups are highly international, providing great opportunities for carrying out part of your doctoral studies abroad.

Doctoral education in Sweden leads to a licentiate degree after around two and a half years, and a full doctorate after four to five years. The degrees are taken in scientific subjects linked to Chalmers’ departments.

Doctoral employment

Most graduate students at Chalmers have a doctoral position, which means that they are employed by Chalmers. Normally they also assist with teaching on Chalmers teaching programmes, often as a calculation exercise instructor or laboratory work supervisor. Other departmental duties may comprise a maximum of 20 percent of the working time.

How to apply?

The requirement for admission to doctoral studies at Chalmers is a degree awarded at advanced level (for example a master’s degree), with a specialisation suitable for the doctoral subject. In addition, each graduate subject may have special course entrance requirements.

All of our doctoral student positions are advertised on Chalmers’ website. View our Vacancies page to see all currently available positions.

Please note that all questions regarding admission to the doctoral program are handled by the graduate schools at the Departments: Graduate schools at Chalmers

Further information

More information about graduate study, the graduate schools, possible research projects, the opportunity to obtain a graduate appointment or become an industrial graduate student and so on can be obtained by getting in touch directly with Chalmers graduate schools, departments or directors of research. 

Page manager Published: Wed 18 Aug 2021.