Research for a sustainable future

Chalmers Vision “Chalmers for a sustainable future” is linked to sustainable development as a driving force that will have an effect Chalmers wide. In the challenge to build a society for 10 billion people, within the ability of the planet, it is hard to find an area of research at Chalmers that would not be of significance. Read more about the sustainability work at Chalmers.

In each respective Area of Advance there is sustainable development as a constant living force. There, we are gathering skills and power, in collaboration with other actors in society, to tackle the large and complex societal challenges we are facing. To see how Chalmers is working on sustainable development by theme, follow the links to the respective Area of Advance. Many of the centres linked to Areas of Advance have a clear sustainability profile.

Chalmers invested early in gathering and alerting researchers with an interest in environmental and sustainable development. For example, with the Centre for Environment and Sustainability and then by investing 100 million SEK in the Chalmers Environmental Inititative. As a result of this, there is strong general sustainability research at Chalmers, not least at the Department of Energy & Environment.



Published: Thu 06 Nov 2014. Modified: Tue 09 Feb 2016