EU funded research

In 2014 Chalmers participated in a total of 165 EU funded research projects, of which 149 are included in the seven-year Seventh Framework Programme. Most of the projects, 100 out of 149, is "industry-oriented." The projects involves in most cases both universities, research institutes and companies, giving Chalmers a good exposure in the European industrial environment.

 During 2013 Chalmers also participated in 16 projects in other EU based thematical programs.

Graphene Flagship

The European Union funded Graphene Flagship, which is coordinated by Chalmers University of Technology, started in October 2013. Read more:

Climate KIC

Chalmers is a core partner in Climate KIC, which is EU's main climate innovation initiative. Climate KIC connect global and local, small and large partners from the private, public and academic sectors. The split across the three sectors is approximately 50 % business, 30 % academic and 20 % public and not for profit. They receive funding from academic and private sector partners as well as an annual grant from the European Commission through its European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT.

ERC funding from the European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC), is to support excellence in research in the EU member countries. The Council will encourage the very best, truly creative scientists to be more adventurous and take risks in their research. They simply want to give Europe's most eminent scientists the freedom to go beyond established frontiers of knowledge.

The Council primarily does this by three major systems for research that fits within the EU's Seventh Framework Programme. ERC Starting Grants for outstanding scientists who are at the beginning of his career, ERC Consolidator Grants for those on their way and ERC Advanced Grants that can be awarded to researchers who already have established their own research groups.

We are proud to have a number of such outstanding scientists at Chalmers. Read more about them: 

Horizon 2020

The new framework program, Horizon 2020, had it's first deadlines for applications during 2014. As a result of those applications Chalmers will start 17 new projects during 2015.

The Seventh Framework Programme

Chalmers is, or has been, a partner in a total of 269 approved projects under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). 120 of them was finished before 2014. In addition, 10 new research projects started in 2014.

For the 149 projects that took place during 2014, Chalmers largest participation lies in the following dimensions:


Marie Curie Actions (31 projects)
  • Information & Communication Technologies (28 projects)
Transport (24 projects)
Nanotechnology, Materials and New Production Processes (13 projects) and
  • Euratom/Fission (9 projects).

The Seventh Framework Programme was formally closed in December 2013, but projects in the program will continue until 2019.

The Sixth Framework Programme

Within the four-year Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) participated Chalmers in a total of 142 projects, 18 of which as coordinator. Chalmers' participation in the Sixth Framework Programme ended in 2011.

If you wish to know more about Chalmers’ participation in EU projects, please contact the EU research coordinator, Mareike Lutz. Phone +46 31 772 26 80, e-mail

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Mon 06 Mar 2017