Systems Perspectives on...

​A platform for learning about systems issues

“Systems perspectives on...” is an outcome of Chalmers Energy Initiative. We set out to make a truly cross-disciplinary effort to assess technologies in terms of benefits and drawbacks and potential for realisation and industrialisation. We realised that our aim was not only to create a product but also a process. The result is presented here: A series of “Evolving E-books”.

In 2012 we launched the first book “Systems Perspectives on Biorefineries 2012”. In May 2013, this book was updated with three fresh chapters and at the same time a sibling, “Systems Perspectives on Electromobility 2013”, was put online.

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​Anders Åsblad, CIT Industriell energi

Anna von Schenk, Innventia

Bengt Erik Melander, Solid State Physics, Chalmers

Christoper Saunders, Brunel University, London

Erik Axelsson, Profu

Fredrik Larsson, Solid State Physics, Chalmers

Hans Hellsmark, SP

Helena Strömberg, Design & Human Factors, Chalmers

Joeri Van Mierlo, Vrie Universitet Brussel, Belgium

Johanna Mossberg, SP

Magnus Karlström, Chalmers industriteknik

Marina Papatriantafilou, Network and Systems, Chalmers

Marten Messagie, Vrie Universitet Brussel, Belgium

Mats Williander, Viktoria Swedish ICT

Petra Andersson, SP

Pontus Wallgren, Design & Human Factors, Chalmers



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