Managing Open Innovation

Although much has recently been published on open innovation, little knowledge has been gained on how to manage open innovation beyond the star case studies that have characterized the field. To make open innovation practices broadly available, there is a need to understand what open innovation demands of leadership and organizational design.
This project aims at longitudinally investigating this. Two interconnected four-year studies will be conducted in parallel. One study focuses on how five firms, connected to the same open innovation arena for traffic and vehicle safety (Safer) handle issues of leadership, innovation activities and organizational structure in relation to opening up the innovation process. Another focuses on the leadership, activities and structure of Safer in trying to facilitate open innovation.
Additionally, an interview study with 20 large Swedish firms will be conducted to create a broader understanding of key issues involved in managing open innovation.
For more information:
Elmquist, M; Fredberg, T; Ollila, S (forthcoming) “Exploring the field of Open Innovation”, paper submitted to the European Journal of Innovation Management
Elmquist, M; Fredberg, T; Ollila, S (2009) “Exploring the management of collaborative arenas from a platform perspective” abstract accepted to the IPDM conference, Enschede, June 2009
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Other members
​Tobias Fredberg (MORE), Susanne Ollila (MORE)
​SAFER associated organizations, in particular Autoliv, SAAB, AB Volvo, Volvo Car Corporation

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