Life cycle data conversion to international standard

Start date 01/07/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2012
Availability of product-related environmental data is necessary to calculate the environmental impact
of products and services. Sweden was an early adopter that already in the 90s to build a database of product-related environmental data (CPM LCA Database). This database currently contains about 700 data sets which are freely available online. In recent years, a new international format for product-related environmental data has been developed (ILCD format). This project aims to develop a function that translates the data sets in CPM LCA Database to ILCD format. The aim is to thereby increase the availability of product-related environmental data that can be used to assess and improve the environmental performance of products. This is useful, especially for small and medium sized enterprises that are unable to invest in commercial databases. The database in itself constitutes an important infrastructure for providing and communicating environmental data internationally from Swedish research and industry.
Project leader
​Johan Tivander
Your contact for communications
​Emma Rex
External partners at the project
JRC-IES-ILCD (EU), GreenDeltaTC GMBH (DE), PRé Consultants (NL),
CPM: ABB, AkzoNobel, SKF, SCA, Volvo, IVL, SP, KTH Naturvårdsverket
Division, target area, centre, research group, area of advance the project is linked to

Environmental Systems Analysis (ESA),

Product and Production Development (PPU),

Sustainable Production Initiative (SPI),

Swedish Life Cycle Center (CPM)​

Chalmers Area of Advance: Production

Vinnova, SEK 100000​

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