Influences and actors at the interface between socio-technical and ecological systems - the case of on-site

Start date 01/01/2009
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2012
This research project aims at contributing with knowledge about influences on actors’ decisions and actions regarding on-site sewage systems. Such knowledge may be useful in planning and management processes supporting policy making regarding means and actions to mitigate marine eutrophication. This project focuses on the influences on actors situated at the interface between the sociotechnical and ecological systems; primarily house owners but also other actors with direct influence on nutrient loads; and secondary the actors with indirect influence on the actions taken “at the interface level” and can influence actions at the interface by e.g. policy or market actions. Using influence diagram approaches, a conceptual model will be developed, able to describe linkages between the local actors at the interface and a) the municipal administration and b) regional/national/EU institutions. The aim is also to initiate a formal modeling of the system. Based on interviews conceptual models of influences on actors at the interface are constructed. The formal modeling comprises the development of a simulation framework based on conceptual modeling and quantitative data from questionnaires.​
Project leader/Your contact for communications
​Sverker Molander
All project members
Sverker Molander,
Are Wallin,
Mathias Zannakis (Political Science, Gothenburg University),
Lars-Olof Johansson (Psychology, Gothenburg University),
Sverker Jagers (Political Science, Gothenburg University),
External partners at the project

Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg,

Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg​

Chalmers Area of Advance
​Built Environment
2,5 MSek​
“Governance for a high environmental quality of the Baltic Sea “ (Funded by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation ) ​

Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.