Fluidized bed technology

Fluidized bed technology has become recognized as a clean and efficient choice for large-scale combustion and gasification of solid fuels (in particular biomass). Since the 1980’s, the division of Energy Technology has carried out extensive research within the fields of fluidization as applied to combustion and gasification of solid fuels, including CO2 capture technologies. The following processes are investigated: fluidized bed boilers, indirect gasification, chemical looping combustion and oxyfuel combustion for CO2 capture.
Our research aims at enhancing the knowledge of the phenomena that govern the mixing as well as the combustion and gasification in the above-cited processes. Examples of such phenomena are solids mixing, gas-solids contact, fuel conversion kinetics and heat transfer. Both experimental work and modeling are used in our research.
Our experimental facilities range from lab-scale units up to the Chalmers 12 MW CFB boiler and 4 MW indirect gasifier. The research within fluidization technology is closely connected/related to other areas of research conducted at the division, namely: gasification of biomass, chemical looping combustion, and oxy fuel combustion.​
Project leader
​Filip Johnsson
Your contact for information
​David Pallarès
All project members
Filip Johnsson, Bo Leckner, David Pallarès, Erik Sette, Louise Axelsson, Anton Larsson, Henrik Thunman, Martin Seemann, Fredrik Lind, Sadegh Seddighi, Jesper Aronsson, Pontus Markström, Patrick Moldenhauer, Anders Lyngfelt​​
External partners at the project
Metso Power, Foster Wheeler, utility companies.​
Swedish Energy Agency, EU framework projects and boiler manufacturers such as Metso Power​.

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