Development of sustainable energy-efficient water supply systems in society

Sweden's goal is an energy transition, which places demands on efficiencies in all areas. One forgotten area is water supply, which has looked the same for the past 50 years. Water use gives rise to large energy losses in obsolete water systems, e.g. 11 TWh / year is used for heating domestic hot water in buildings. There is a huge potential in innovative water systems. Innovation can reduce both power requirements and energy use, as well as the load on water sources, distribution networks and sewage management. Today, there is a lack of detailed knowledge about which system solutions are possible and robust evaluation criteria for this. The goal of the project is to fill knowledge gaps in this area and present innovative solutions based on interdisciplinary assessment criteria for energy-efficient water supply systems. Furthermore, system solutions must be demonstrated to verify project results.

Partner organizations

  • City of Gothenburg (Public, Sweden)
  • Bengt Dahlgren AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Academic, Sweden)
  • Akademiska Hus (Public, Sweden)
  • Stockholm Vatten (Private, Sweden)
  • Boverket (Public, Sweden)
  • Junehem (Private, Sweden)
  • Fabege (Private, Sweden)
  • Yellon (Private, Sweden)
  • Stockholms stad (Public, Sweden)
  • Peab Sverige, Göteborg (Private, Sweden)
  • Gryaab (Private, Sweden)
Start date 04/01/2021
End date 20/12/2024

Page manager Published: Sat 08 Jan 2022.