Utveckling av effektiva och stabila mateial för polymera solceller

The focus of this application is the design and synthesis of new materials for very efficient solar cells with a stable morphology. The material combinations in this project will be p-type conjugated polymers combined with n-type fullerenes. Today there exist a number of high performing polymers but the design of high efficiency material is not an easy task. When designing materials for high efficiency cells one goal is to truly understand all the fundamental design criteria for achieving high efficiency. Another goal is to molecularly engineer the charge transfer (CT) state that is created at the interface between the n-type and the p-type material in the solar cells. These states are critical for the device efficiency and we will control the molecular arrangements by using functional groups on the polymer and/or also different modifications of the fullerene structures. An additional goal is to design stable active materials with favorable morphology throughout the entire active film. The last goal of this project will be synthesis of materials that can be used as interfacial materials, something that has turned out to be important for achieving high efficiency in ordinary cells, but even more important in inverted cells and tandem cells. My research is carried out in close cooperation with other research groups in Sweden and abroad, and my group is today the only supplier of new conjugated polymers to several of the leading research groups in Sweden.

Start date 01/01/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2016

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