Theory for Quantum Information and Quantum Optics in Superconducting Circuits

This project regards the design of solid state quantum information processing (QIP) systems in the form of superconducting electrical circuits. This technology is regarded as one of the main contenders for a scalable quantum information technology, being based on lithographic techniques similar to the ones used in the semiconductor industry. Irrespective of the future usefulness of quantum computers, solid state QIP will no doubt be an important driver of quantum engineering for future nanoelectronics, as well as for fundamental investigations of interactions between condensed matter and the electromagnetic field, at the single photon level. In particular, this project concerns theoretical work on; 1) modeling of 3-5 qubit circuits with controllable qubit-qubit couplings using a tunable cavity 2) quantum feed-back in few qubit systems 3) quantum optics of propagating 1D microwaves interacting with artificial atoms (qubits) 4) investigation of relativistic effects in 1D transmission lines with parametrically modulated boundary conditions The theoretical methods used are based on the quantization of electrical circuits (quantum network theory) and the theory of open quantum systems. The proposed project is based on our previous work on superconducting qubits, but shifts the focus somewhat towards quantum optics.

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2013

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