The attributes of physical internet as a new approach to increase energy efficiency of logistics services in seaport- dry port system

This 2017 pre-study aimed to map the potential for increased energy efficiency related to dry ports by mapping the existing logistics services and energy inefficiencies in the current dry port systems. The following activities were performed for this purpose:

·       Literature review of the relevant research on dry ports, logistics services provided by dry ports/seaports, energy efficiency in logistics and physical internet attributes

·       Visit and interview at Venlo Inland terminal in Holland (case study) - identification of existing areas of energy inefficiencies in current seaport-dry port systems (secondary evidence, explorative interviews). 

·       Attendance at Intermodal Europe 2017 conference and fair to establish contacts for the continuation of the study as well as to arrange additional visits to dry port terminals for case studies

·       The outcomes of the above mentioned actions are summarized in a document that is going to be a part of the succeeding study with broader research group

Start date 13/11/2017
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2018

Page manager Published: Fri 30 Nov 2018.