System transformation in medtech to meet future healthcare demands

Purpose and goal: The project focuses on methods and approaches to lead and organize for digital transformation in medical technology companies. Digitization in the industry creates great opportunities for the development of treatment methods, business models and partnerships, and therefore puts companies under severe change pressure.
A planning grant is sought for a larger proposal on how to establish better ways to organize the systemic changes that are prerequisites for such medical technology companies to be able to create competitive advantages based on digitalisation.
Expected results and effects: The expected result of the planning grant is a well-developed proposal that will be approved by Vinnova in the next round. The expected outcome of such a project will be defined in the forthcoming proposal, but will focus on systemic change in medical technology companies and potentially in the medical technology industry.

Start date 15/11/2021
End date The project is closed: 14/03/2022

Page manager Published: Thu 14 Jul 2022.