Suburban logistics - efficient use of infrastructure (pre-study)

Objective and Goal: The purpose of this pre-study is to investigate the potential of improving the efficiency of suburban logistics (freight transport operations into and around urban areas), and in the long-run perform full scale demonstrations. The main objective is to investigate if the benefit for society could be increased through a prioritisation of freight transport, as well as increasing the general knowledge of the relevance of suburban logistics in the overall logistics infrastructure. Result and Expected Effects: The project contributes to the programme relevance mainly through an increase in knowledge which is relevant for several groups of actors as well as for industry and academia. A follow up demonstration project, that build on the results of the pre-study, could play an important role in how planning are performed for the infrastructure around urban areas. This puts demands on well functioning cooperation, but also efficient technical solutions. To better use the infrastructure contributes to a better societal and economical sustainability. Approach and Implementation: The project is a pre-study, which is a preparation for a future demonstration project based on the results of this study. The pre-study is dived in six main work packages that all will contribute with relevant deliveries in forms of chapters in the report of the complete pre-study: WP1: Coordination/project managementWP2: State of the art and best practicesWP3: Regulation and incentivesWP4: Technical solutions and infrastructureWP5: Modeling and analysisWP6: Summary and preparations for demonstration project. The project intends to run at least two loops in WP2-WP5.

Partner organizations

  • Lindholmen science park AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Volvo Group (Private, Sweden)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Academic, Sweden)
  • Schenker (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/02/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2015

Funded by

  • VINNOVA (Public, Sweden)

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