Sanitation and Water Supply in Peri- Urban Areas (SanWatPUA)

Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2013
SanWatPUA is a Swedish network of experts established in 2010, that has focused on the synthesis and communication of scientific knowledge about the provision of sanitation and water to peri-urban areas in developing countries. The network aims to support innovation in peri-urban areas through knowledge dissemination on key areas for change. SanWatPUA has applied methods and tools to synthesize knowledge that is instrumental for practitioners in the planning and problem-solving of real-life situations.

McConville, J., Kain, J.-H. (2014). Innovative Planning Approaches, in: McConville, J., Wittgren, H.B. (Eds.), Peri-Urban Sanitation and Water Service Provision: Challenges and opportunities for developing countries Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm, pp. 20-23.
Funded by Sida.

Contributors to the SanWatPUA network include:
Chalmers Architecture; Chalmers – Water Environment Technology; KTH – Environmental Geochemistry and Eco-technology; KTH – Industrial Ecology; Linköping University – Water and Environmental Studies; Linköping University – Biology; Lund University – Water Resources Engineering; Stockholm Environment Institute; Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – Energy and Technology; Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control; and Urban Water Management Sweden, AB.
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