Renting models : Study of business models within the textile and garment industry for resource efficient everyday use

This project will focus on opportunities and barriers for new business models and especially renting models that can contribute to a more sustainable textile and garment industry. Start-ups pursuing renting models will be in focus. The project will apply a theoretical framework with three levels of analysis: (i) start-up company level, including business models, relationships and key resources, (ii) business network level, and (iii) the business environment level involving, e.g., industry standards and authority regulations. The analysis will focus on value created at different levels, the interplay between different levels, and the tensions created by the dual goals of economic and environmental value creation. Implications will be directed to incubator directors, startups, policy makers, and the established textile and garment industry.

Partner organizations

  • University of Borås (Academic, Sweden)
  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Research Institute, Sweden)
Start date 01/09/2022
End date 31/08/2024

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