Sustainable and Cost-Effective Remediation of Contaminated Land in the Built Environment

Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014

Remediation of contaminated land is associated with high costs. The by far most common remediation practice is removal of contaminants by excavation and disposal. In larger Swedish cities the disposal capacity is rapidly decreasing, and currently large amounts of contaminated soil is exported to Norway. Excavation is clearly not a sustainable remediation method for the very large number of contaminated sites in the built environment in Sweden.

The overall objective of this project is to identify sustainable and cost-effective techniques for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. The specific goals are: (1) to evaluate the technical feasibility of remediation techniques and combinations of techniques, relevant for commonly occurring contamination situations, and (2) to evaluate the sustainability and cost-effectiveness and sustainability of identified techniques.

This project is trans-disciplinary between remediation technologies, risk assessment, environmental economics, mathematical statistics and sustainable development. It includes three demonstration objects where alternative remediation methods will be identified and evaluated regarding their sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Cost-effectiveness analysis and sustainability analysis are thus primary tools in this project. Results from the demonstrations will contribute to more sustainable and cost-effective remediation. Dissemination involves close communication with local authorities and problem-owners.


The project is carried out at the Division of GeoEngineering, research group Engineering Geology.

Keywords: Remediation, contaminated land, sustainable, cost-effective

Project members

Project leader
Lars Rosén

Project members 
Lars Rosén
Jenny Norrman
Tommy Norberg (Matematiska vetenskaper)
Tore Söderqvist (Enveco Miljöekonomi)

Lars Rosén
External partners in the project
​NCC Construction, Enveco Miljöekonomi
Chalmers Areas of Advance
​Built Environment
​Formas-BIC 5 601 150 kr, SBUF, NCC Construction

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